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If you guys haven't know it yet, The Mortal Instruments series is adapted into a TV show. I know it already has it's movie, but it changes direction into a TV show and the storyline is back from the beginning. I wasn't very thrilled when I heard the news, because well, I quite enjoyed the movie. It isn't as good as the book, but it wasn't that bad that the producers decided to cancelled City of Ashes. I was looking forward for Malec scenes! The show already premiered sometime ago, but it's my first time watching this series, and I want to discuss some things with you.

Episode 1: The Mortal Cup

Okay. The first few minutes are quite amazing. The music, the acting, they're amazing. Izzy, Alec and Jace look so badass and ready to slay a lot of demons. And then he met Clary and everything fell apart.

First of all, I don't like Dominic Sherwood as Jace. Sorry, people. Physically, I think he's too "big" or bulky to be Jace. I always pictured him lean and tall, basically Jamie Campbell-Bower. But then his acting. Oh my God what have they done to you??? I know he could act, I love his acting as Christian Ozera in Vampire Academy. He could pull off the dark, brooding, cynical teenage boy pretty well there. WHAT HAPPENED HERE??? He's just expressionless and just creepy basically. No smile or anything. It's too forced.

The pacing is too rushed. Too many info-dump. I know it's was supposed to be rushed, everything basically happened all at once in the book. But the book doesn't have cringe worthy diallogue! It sounds really weird and if I haven't read the book, I would feel really confused.

The effect. Maybe it was supposed to be a low budget tv show, but come on! I mean, the seraph blade looks like plastic, and the portal is just horrendous!

I also like Lily Collins better as Clary because she acts better and more smaller (Clary is supposed to be short)... It's just weird. Kat Mcnamarra doesn't feel like Clary to me. I mean, does this expression looks real to you??

Alexander Lightwood. Matthew Daddario is such a scene stealer! I mean have you seen him?? He embodies Alec. He's much more younger and looked like a teenager than Kevin Zegers. I don't hate him, but he just doesn't look like a teenager! And he potrays Alec really well. Can't wait to see more of him!

Isabelle Lightwood. She's just so badass and confident. But sometimes this show takes her confidence wayyy too far and make her look trashy... And Emeraude Tobia looks too old to be a teenager, and that's a problem for me. But other than that, she's fine.

Magnus! Harry Shum Jr acting is pretty awesome here. He's just like Magnus I remembered in the first book, ignorant with the Shadowhunters problems. But where's the glitter?? And what's up with that smudged eyeliner look? I was actually pessimistic about him, because I actually like Godfrey as Magnus (he's way taller than Alec, while in the tv show they're almost the same height) but I have to admit, I can't wait to see more of him in the next episodes!

And finally, I can't feel the chemistry between Jace and Clary. I know, it's only the first episode, there's room for improvement. But I really really love Jamily as Jace and Clary because of their chemistry. How could you compare to this?? The way he looks at her it just....

I haven't made my thoughts about Jocelyn, Luke and Valentine, so we'll see about them later!

Episode 2: The Descent Into Hell is Easy

There are more informations given in this episode. We explores more of the Shadowhunter world and we meet more characters. Who is Valentine, what is the circle, etc etc. Things are becoming clearer. The Silent Brothers are absolutely terrifying, well done to the make up artists.

My biggest complain about this episode is Sizzy. I hate how the tv show makes them feel like an-insta love, when it actually takes a few books for Sizzy to actually happening. They're pretty cute though, but Simon supposed to be in love with Clary right?

I also don't like the way the tv show modernize the Institute. Where's all the gothic, old feeling? It feels like a James Bond headquarters with all those modern technology.

Movie Simon and TV Show Simon are both adorable and quirky. Both actors potrayed Simon accurately! But like I said, he basically fell for Izzy the first time they met, so the problem is in the plot, not in the actor.


It was pretty decent as a series starter, but I prefer the movie over the TV show. The movie has it flaws, the plot a bit jagged and unclear, but it flows better than the tv show. But of course, it has only been 2 episodes, so we'll see what happens next! I don't like how they changed the plot, we missed some important scenes like Magnus party when he first saw Alec (MALEC!!!). I personally think they should take it slow. Trainings, more information, more landscape, familiarize viewers with the world. It would feel more fleshed out and pull me into the world. Let's just hope this show would last long enough so we could see the whole Shadowhunter world.

Have you seen the tv show? What do you think about it? Do you prefer the tv show or the movie?

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  1. YES YES YES TO THIS!! Alec WAS CAST PERFECTLY - I LOVED HIM SO MUCH IN THE SHOWW!!! But yeah, I really struggle with the casting of Jace and Clary - they're just not right! With Izzy, I totally agree with where you're coming from about the trashy look :S I just have my fingers crossed that something MAGICAL is going to happen and that the TV show will start looking better than the movie!

    1. I think we all could agree that Alec is the best thing that happened to this show! Me too, can't wait to see the next episode!

  2. I haven't read The Mortal Instruments series yet (I've yet to finish TID and I'm still in book one xD), but I'll watch the tv series for sure. Even my friend who loves Cassandra Clare's books didn't like the TV series the first time she watched it, so I'm thinking of waiting 'till I get to TMI before I watch the series so I won't get confused. Great review, Tasya! :)

    1. OMG TID is even better than TMI, it's like my favorites series ever! You should at least read CoB so you won't get confused with the tv show :D

  3. I haven't watched the Mortal Instruments yet, but from all the reviews I've read, it seems like the movie was better. Yeah, I do agree, no one can compare to Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace! And Lily Collins was a great Clary! Nice review!

    Cloe @ Mornings and Epilogues

  4. I actually didn't like the movie much, although I definitely prefer Lily Collins as Clary, simply because she is a better actress. But I had pretty low expectations for the show, so I'm enjoying it okay. The effects are something I expected to be cheesy (since it IS ABC Family after all), but those seraph blades look like cheap lightsabers. Just saying. Loved this discussion!!! ♥

    1. They sure did! I expected they will broke or something... Thank you!<3

  5. Omg I JUST KNOW THIS IS HOW I''LL FEEL TOO. *sobs* Like I adored the movie...I actually go back and re-watch it a lot XD and I don't usually rewatch movies! I just think Jamie Campbell Bower is THE Jace and nothing else will be Jace because HE IS ABSOLUTELY JACE. Bu tI waaaay prefer the TV show's casting of Alec. So *gulps* I haven't watched the show yet? But I will. Just getting brave enough to. xD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Me too! I don't get why people hate them so much like it wasn't that bad?? There are worse movie adaptations! Just don't get your expectations too high and you'll enjoy it I think! :D

  6. Your blog is so well done and it's so pretty! It's so goals for a blogger blog, honestly. And I agree with EVERYTHING on this post.

    1. WOW Thank you so much! This made my day <3


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