Review Policy

Status: Currently not accepting any requests/ARCs

Hello there! I'm really honored and happy that you would consider me to read your book before being published. So here's a few things you need to know before requesting:

  • I'm accepting requests for any genre, mostly contemporary and dystopian.
  • I'm not accepting any request for erotica and new adult.
  • I'm accepting both physical and digital copy. If you're sending me digital copy, you could contact me at my email If you're sending me physical copy, please note that I live in Indonesia, which is very far from USA or Europe. But if you want, you could contact me also at my email, and I'll give your further notice.
  • Please note that I'm still a student, so I'll be busy with my school schedule. If you want me to review your book before a certain date, please include that in your request. I'll prioritize review copies though.
  • You could see my rating system on my side bar.
  • I also post my reviews on goodreads.

That's all I guess. For further information, you could ask me through my email or my goodreads account. Thank you for reading before requesting!

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