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Happy Easter guys! In honour of the Easter celebration, I looked up some easter-themed tag and found this one. It sounds so delicious, and Easter is kind of associated with chocolate. This tag was made by Well Done Books. I'm so sorry for the lack of pictures, I've been so busy with exams, and this is such a last minute post. I hope you guys could still enjoy it though :)

I have a confession to make though: I don't really like chocolate. I know, it's weird right? But really, eating too much chocolate make me sick sometimes. I just don't like sweets in general...

Dark Chocolate: A book with dark theme/content

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. There are a lot of dark themed books lately, with suicide and depression and all. But for those of you who doesn't know what this book is about, it's about incest. And the whole book is just so angsty and depressing and that ending kills me. Even though it wasn't my favorite, I still think it's one of the darkest books I've ever read.

White Chocolate: A light-hearted read

Contemporary are usually very light-hearted and easy to read, and I love curling up reading those books. For this one I'll choose Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. The story is so adorable and cute, and the characters are flawed, no matter how perfect they seem. Plus, it sets in Paris! I know some aspects of the book really turn people off, but people makes mistakes, and I think that's what makes me like the book even more.

Milk Chocolate: A hyped/popular book you really want to read

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stievfater. I have the e-book version but life always gets in the way. Please just let me read this book in peace for just once! I heard so many amazing things about this book, especially about the relationships between the characters. I always imagined it as the relationship between Lily and The Marauders, but we'll see if my thought is right!

Chocolate with a Caramel Center: A book that make you feel gooey on the inside

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. The bromance between Jem and Will is goals and it gives me so much feels. I can't. It really warms my heart how much they love each other, and how they're each other's soulmate, not Tessa. I fell in love from the first chapter and I never got my heart back.

A Wafer Free Kit-Kat: A book that surprises you

Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. My love for Sherlock started because of this manga Meitantei Conan, where the main character is an avid fan of Sherlock. And then there are the movies starring Robert Downey Jr, and I fell in love even more. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law really bring out the character and I really loved it. And then came the tv show, the BBC Sherlock that has ruined many lives ever since, myself included. But I never read any of the books, until last year. I didn't think I would like it, but turns out I loved it. Sherlock is BBC Sherlock. Sherlock is Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock is Robert Downey Jr. He's the exact same character, and it's just felt so familiar yet entirely new. I can't wait to read more books from this series.

A Snickers Bar: A book you're going nuts about

The Rose and The Dagger by Renee Adieh. COME ON GUYS. I need to know what happened next after that ending in The Wrath and The Dawn. I am so ready to jump back in to the rich, middle eastern world created by Renee Adieh.

Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Marshmallow: A comfort read that you turn into again and again

Hmm... I don't really re-read books, so I don't think I have any. Except for comics. There's this on-going manga I really like, Kocchi Muite! Mikko. It's just so cute and adorable, and it's one of my favorite series going up, and it's still one of my favorite manga ever. I just love it so so much, and it always managed to cheer me up :D

A Box of Chocolates: A series that many readers would like 

There are so many hyped up series lately. In fact, I think there are too many. But I honestly think the most hyped up series lately is The Dark Artifices. With Lady Midnight just being released recently, everyone is reading it, and believe it or not, loving it. I don't know, everyone seems to love it. I haven't seen any negative reviews, which is amazing. So yeah, I definitely think this series is going to be amazing. And if you have been loving the shadowhunters series, then this book is definitely for you.


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  1. Tasya, the Chocolate Book Tag is so appropriate for Easter!! :D
    Great timing, and great picks - especially for chocolate with a caramel centre - The Infernal Devices always give me warm fuzzy feels! <3

  2. Don't like SWEETS?! What planet are you FROM? I love candy, although, admittedly, I'm not so big on chocolate... Only if it's Toblerone's, Kit Kats, or has caramel in it, really. Or white chocolate--which isn't technically chocolate at all. And I also REALLY love all Sherlock-related things. Plus, since there are so many different and beautiful editions of the stories out there, I have an excuse to collect them all... Happy late Easter and I hope your exams are going well!

    ❤ Erin

    1. I know I know! *hangs head in shame* I used to really liked chocolate but as I grow older I disliked it even more... Classics tend to have multiple gorgeous covers! Thank you Erin :D

  3. That's so strange! I don't like chocolate either! I thought I was alone. I've been wanting to read The Raven Boys too, except I never end up picking it up for some reason. I love everything remotely related to Sherlock! Heronstairs is definitely the best bromance to ever exist. I was so apprehensive about reading Lady Midnight but I now I can't wait to pick it up! Everyone does seem to love it.

    1. FINALLY. Someone who also doesn't like chocolate! I'm finally reading The Raven Boys and I think it's pretty good so far. Yes Heronstairs is the best (except for the marauders from hp)! I know right? I also felt wary about Lady Midnight, like aren't we have enough Shadowhunters already? But the the cover came out, and everyone is raving about it, and now I'm interested to read it!

  4. This is the cutest tag ever! :D

    Although I absolutely adore dark chocolate, I am DEFINITELY not a fan of dark books. Wow, incest... totally not my type.

    I hope you get to pick up the Raven Boys soon, especially with the last book coming out very very soon! I highly enjoy the compelling and mysterious atmosphere.


    - Aila @ One Way Or An Author

    1. Not everyone likes dark books I supposed :D I'm currently reading it now and it's really interesting so far! And everyone seems to be already reading The Rose and The Dagger??? I so envy them! *sobs*

  5. I loved reading your answers!! I totally agree, Anna and the French kiss is definitely a light hearted read and of course, THhe Infernal Devices makes me feel all gushy on the inside! I am crazy for The Wrath and The Dawn too!! It's soooo good and I need the next book right now!

    1. Thank you! I hope we could stay sane waiting for The Rose and The Dagger!


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