12:30 AM

Hi guys! I just want to write a quick post about something. 

As you guys know, this is my final year at school, and therefore I would have my finals this year. 

Or more exactly this month.

Oh wait. IT'S THIS WEEK. 

Really guys, by the time this post comes up, I'll be having my finals. Since I'm currently having my final exams, and in the beginning of April I'm going to have my national exams, I have decided to take the time off from blogging. I already scheduled some posts, but I won't be able to reply to comments or anything. I would be off until 2nd week of April.

That's all I guess. I hope you guys understand and wish me luck! *fingers crossed*

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  1. Good luck on your finals! I know you're going to do amazing :)

  2. Good luck Tasya! I hope you do as well as you want and better! :D

  3. *hands you a Felix Felicis*
    May the odds be ever in your favor!

    (How about those bookish references? Eh? Eh?)

    Really, though! BEST of luck! You're a book blogger - you're fantastic by default. And you'll do great.

    - Lexie

    1. I wish we could have real felix felicis though, it will helps alot with the nervousness and just makes me feel confident with the test.... Thanks a lot Lexie!

  4. Good luck with your exams Tasya! Such a good idea to step away from blogging to concentrate on studying. It's far too hard to juggle both and your blog will always be here. I don't know how you kids do it. When I was at school I struggled and we really didn't even have the internet in most homes back then.

  5. Good luck with exams--although I am sure you won't need it. I know how stressful they can be, but at least you probably won't have homework, right? Balancing blogging and, well, everything else, with school is difficult. That's an understatement, but you know what I mean. I don't blame you for stepping away for a while to focus! Can't wait to see you back, though!

    ❤ Erin

    1. Thanks Erin! Yes, the positive side of exams are we don't get any homework at all XD

  6. Best of luck with your exams and everything Tasya! I bet you will do awesomely!


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