The Encouraging Thunder Award

9:00 PM

Hi guys! So a while back Erika from Books, Stars, Writing and Everything in Between nominated me for this award, so that's what this post is about today. Thank you so much for the nomination!

How it works:
1. Thank your nominator.
2. Display the logo.
3. Talk about your purpose in blogging.
4. Nominate others.

My purpose:
I always love reading, and I do have friends who loves to read. I could talked about books, and fangirling with them. And since I joined Goodreads, I also found a HUGE community filled with other people who loves to read, and we could discuss and post reviews and joined group and stuff like that. But sometimes I feel that Goodreads was insufficient and I want to express my feelings about a particular book in a more public way, that's accessible to everyone. So I decided to create this blog! And this blog also connects me with different, new people and helps me while writing English essays :D So I'm really glad I created this blog!

My nominees:
All of you! Seriously, if you want to do it, just do it :D

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