Book Review: Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

8:30 AM

Title: Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Paperback edition, 408 pages
Published: March 2012
Publisher: Gramedia
4/5 Stars

So this book is a collection of 11 Sherlock Holmes short stories. This is my first Sherlock Holmes book but I really enjoyed it. What I like from reading a crime/mystery novel is I'd be able to guess who the culprit and the motive while reading. This book gives me the pleasure of guessing. The cases are quite complex, but Sherlock always able to explained it in a simple way. But for some cases, my guess are right (not entirely right though). It also feels really familiar, maybe because I already watched both the movie and BBC Sherlock.

Anyways, all I could think in this book is how Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock really look and feels like the book Sherlock. Tall, skinny, pointy, chin, arrogant, kind of social psycopath, extremely focused to one thing. He's just perfect.

As for Dr. Watson, I prefer Jude Law's Watson. Don't get me wrong, I love Martin Freeman's, but he's just too cranky :D And I can't feel any Johnlock love in the book:( But their unique friendship is really visible throughout this book.

I also love the movie version of Moriarty, because he's just more ruthless, whereas the BBC Moriarty is true psycopath, but he loves to toy with people. I think the movie-Moriarty fits more with book-Moriarty.

I really enjoyed this book, because it was fun to read while guessing. And the stories really kept me wanting for more. Can't wait to read more Sherlock books and the season 4 of BBC Sherlock-which takes FOREVER!

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  1. Oh, I'm SO in the mood for a good Sherlock book at the moment! It's just the perfect thing for Autumn, don't you think? I'm actually listening to The Moonstone (by Wilkie Collins) right now, and it's a similar style (I think Wilkie inspired Arthur Conan Doyle? It might just be a rumour, but they're both mysterious detective novels), so if you're craving something similar, I'd recommend that!
    Beth x

    1. Yeah, it's kinda gothic and creepy... I 've read the summary and it sounds interesting, thank you for the recommendation! :)


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