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At this point, I'm already resigned to the fact that I love this movie too damn much. I've seen this movie TWICE, which never happened to me before. And if you followed my tumblr, you might've seen the increased number of marvel-related post (especially about Sebby. I'm such a trash) #sorrynotsorry. Which is why when I saw this tag at Cristina's blog (I'm also following her format in writing this tag, but somehow it looks messy and I just gave up), I knew I had to do this. So here it is, a totally unexpected and last-minute post because I just have to do it NOW. (The creator of this tag, Jennifer @ Wonderland Review seems to be in team cap, so all the questions fit perfectly with me)

The Rules:
  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Tag anyone and everyone you want!

Team Captain America:

Captain America: Name a character who always does the right thing. (If you aren’t team Cap I guess you can change this to ‘a character who always thinks he does the right thing’)

For this one I'll choose Hermione Granger. She's broken few rules and act not-so-good at times, but mostly she follows the rules, especially earlier in the series when she seems like such a know-it-all XD

Falcon: A loyal character

I’m going with Ronan, Adam, Gansey and Noah from The Raven Cycle. Their friendship is what drew me to the series, and still amazes me till this day. They're just so beautiful, and even though they had their quarells, they're 100000% loyal with each other. They would go into the deepest hell for each other, trust me.

Hawkeye: A character that is extremely good at something very specific (Like Hawkeye with his bow)

I want to answer Katniss... but it's too obvious. And I'm saving Shahrzad for later, so this one is for Percy Jackson. Other than his amazing water-controlling power, he's really good with using Riptide! (which is a sword, in case you're wondering).

Ant-Man: A character that’s just happy to tag along

I'll pick Tyson from PJO series! He's really happy when he's on quest together with Percy, it's really heartwarming! He's so happy to find a family that loved him, even asked him on a quest!

Agent 13: A character you’re super nervous about (not going to say why, but I have my reasons)

I'm a bit meh with her... I mean she's okay, and also badass, but because of a certain scene, I kinda hate her. Let's see where she would go in the next movies. (And pls don't let her be like comic agent 13 in comic civil war!) I haven't even read Crown of Midnight, but I heard Rowan is the cause that my ship sank in this book, soo.... yeah.

Winter Soldier: A character whose mind isn't entirely their own

(Well hello there! This is my favorite Winter Soldier gif, other than how good looking he is, this gif embodies both Bucky and Winter Soldier.) Holland from ADSOM definitely fits this category. I believe that he's actually a good person, he did what he did because being controlled by the Dane Twins! I hope we could see more of him and his motivations in AGOS! (Totally unrelated, but I prefer lean bucky than beefy bucky!)

Scarlet Witch: A character that started out on the wrong side but ended up joining the team

Um I wouldn't say Wanda was ever on the wrong team... (well she was, but in AoU, not in CA:CW) XD I'd pick Warner from the Shatter Me series. He was the main antagonist in Shatter Me and Unravel Me, but change side in Ignite Me!

Bonus: Winter Soldier & Captain America: Two characters that have been friends for a long time:

You know who I'm going to pick for this one right? If you've followed me for some time, you know there's one brotp I never missed to mentioned in every tag. Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate brotp, Heronstairs.

Team Iron Man:

Iron Man: A character that doesn’t seem to learn from their mistakes (*Fine. If you’re team Iron Man you can change this question to, ‘a character willing to stand up to his friends for what he believes in’)

I have nothing against Tony, he's a great person. But I think we all can agree that he does have problems with his ego. He quicks to pass judgement and have a hard time listening to other people's opinion. If only he would listen to the Avengers on AoU, or not threatening Mandarin, or just treated people better! I think Todd Hewitt is the same as Tony. He just can't (or won't) see that Viola might have better knowledge and technology to help him (which she does!). Everytime she tried to reads or just tell him about her life, he'll shut her up and won't listen to her. It happened throughout the book and honestly I want to reach in and just shake him real hard.

War Machine: A character that’s always showing off his “big guns.”

Um okay I don't really read New Adult or Erotica in this matter... So I'll take this one as literal guns. Jasper from Six of Crows definitely fits this category, since he's the sharpshooter, so of course he has to bring (and show) his guns everywhere!

Black Widow: Badass female character that also has a soft side


Can we talk about how AMAZING Nat is in Civil War? The whole action she did is just freaking amazing, even for words. I mean, she's normal human, (no serum, no wings, no magic) and she's a female, but she kicks (I think) more ass than Cap or Sam. Celaena Sadorthien, definitely. She's supposed to be a deadly assassin, but she also loves reading, chocolate, beautiful dresses and puppies<33

Black Panther: A character out for revenge


(sTOP KICKING MY BABY) Shahrzad Al-Khayzuran is out for blood. The monster King killed her best friend, so she volunteer to be his next bride, which started the absolutely amazing and beautiful story of The Wrath and The Dawn.

Vision: A character you are unsure about

I know where I stand with Vision... He's just too loyal with Tony. I really want to like Augustus Waters. I do. He's sweet and nice and just a really great person. But the way he talks feel so pretentious sometimes... So idk.

Spider Man: A character you were afraid just wasn’t going to fit in

So many Riordan in this tag! I'm afraid that Reyna wouldn't fit with the seven, with all the past crushes and bad blood between them, but I think everything turns out pretty well, even though in the end she doesn't directly work together with the seven. Btw I love Spidey in CA:CW and I can't wait for Homecoming!

Pepper Potts (pretty sure she isn’t in this movie but whatever): A character who uses their intelligence

I really want to pick Annabeth, but I think we already have too much Riordan, don't we? So I'll just pick Alyssa from Splintered. Morpheus did teach her, but she uses his teachings, her own memory and imagination to control Wonderland and defeated the enemy.

Bonus: Captain America vs. Iron Man: You pick: Name two characters that started off as friends and are now enemies OR Name two characters that are on opposing sides that you want to work together

Holland and Kell. The end of ADSOM really make me sad because I really want to know more about Holland. I hope he'll work together with Kell, because if their powers combined I'm sure they'll be amazing!

I tag: 
And you!

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  1. You need to at least meet Rowan in Heir of Fire before you decide ;) This looks like a fun tag! I'm almost unsure about Augustus. I liked the story but he was meh. As for the Vision, I'm even more conflicted. Plus I thought that romance(?) was a little odd, but I haven't read the comments. And Warner, yay! :D

    1. I know I shouldn't judge before reading but... he sinks my ship??? I also think Augustus is meh, but the Vision romance is cute I think :D

  2. YES!! This tag is amazing! Thanks so much! :D I love your answers!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  3. I really hope Holland and Kell work together in the last book and become friends! Two Antari working together? Nothing would be able to stop them. This is an awesome post! Thanks for tagging me :)

    Cloe @ Mornings and Epilogues

    1. No problem! They could save the Londons or destroy them, their power would be amazing together!


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