I See It, I Ship It: The Ultimate OTP List

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I know, I know. OTP stands for One True Pairing. One. But come on. After reading all those books, watching those tv shows and movies, how could you ship only 1 couple?? It's impossible. My heart is big enough for all of them, and I have enough tears to shed for all of them. I'm not a big romance person, but I can't help shipping characters with each other. Shipping comes naturally, it's like a bonus while you're reading. I enjoy shipping with all my ice-cold heart, even when those ships broke my heart and just sink. They make me happy. They make me sad. All those things that make them my favorite OTPs. So let's jump on the ship and sail with me!

Book OTPs


The story: Percy met Annabeth in the first book, The Lightning Thief. She stayed with him when he was out after fighting the Minotaur, and she went with him to retrieve the master bolt. After the quest, they just got closer and went on multiple quest together, and they just bound to happen you know?
Why: Umm... shipping them kind of come naturally when you're reading PJO/HOO? I know some people ship Percy/Calypso and Luke/Annabeth, but personally I think with Calypso it was part of Calypso charm, and while Percy was there he kept thinking about Annabeth. And as for Luke, I think it was nothing more than siblings love. I mean, Percy turned down immortality, held up the sky, and literally fell to Tartarus all for Annabeth. Annabeth searched for Percy, also turned down immortality, and always there for Percy. Do you need any proof for their love?

Typical date: Hmm I think they would go to the beach or CHB lake. There, Annabeth would sit and design something, while Percy swim. And then Percy would get up and pull Annabeth in and they swim and of course, underwater kisses. Finish with picnic with all the blue food.


The story: They both first met when Alec came to Magnus party with the others, in CoB, searching for Jocelyn. And then Magnus just kept involved with the Shadowhunters bussiness and they just got closer.

Why: It's unique. First, this is the first lgbt romance in a book that I ever read. Second, even in the Shadowhunter world, gay is unacceptable, let alone a shadowhunter that fell in love with a downworlder. Third, they're so freaking adorable! They're like polar opposite, Magnus is all out, and Alec is shy and more serious.

Typical date: Personally, I always imagined them chilling in the Institute or Magnus apartment, Magnus sharing his experience while Alec listen to him. Or at party, Magnus being Magnus and Alec just can't stop looking at him, being shy and pay attention to all he does. Finish the day/night by cuddling and kissing, lots of kissing.


The story: We don't know exactly when they meet, but it was absolutely during their Hogwarts years. They absolutely despise each other, but as Sirius says, as James become more modest, they eventually went on a date.

Why: I'm always fascinated with the Marauders Era. Imagine, young James, wicked Sirius, happy Remus, and little Peter wrecking havoc in Hogwarts. Plus they started out as enemies, imagine all the cheeky banter that happened!

Typical date: Hogsmeade, drinking butterbeer. Sitting by the lake, James lying on Lily's lap. Or late night, sneaking kisses in the Common Room so other Gryffindors don't know they're dating because they're just too ashamed to confess. (better stop now before my imagination runs wild)


The story: This is not canon. But I find something romantic in they way they hate each other, the way Draco silently protect and defend Hermione.

Why: They're star-crossed lovers. Slytherin and Gryffindor. Mudblood and Pure-blood. A Golden Trio and a death eater. All the angst. All the sneaking around in Hogwarts years.

Typical date: Sneaking around late at night around Hogwarts. Meeting up secretly at the Astronomy Tower. Hogsmeade.


The story: The Darkling first met Alina when he saved Mal and her power is known. He made advances on her, and she responded. But when she knew his actual plan, she escaped from the Little Palace. And ever since then, it's becoming a game of cat and mouse.
Why: They're both similar. Their power is the exact opposite of each other. And as much the Darkling controls Alina, I believe he actually really loves her and wants her to rule beside him. Alina might be his saving grace, the one who could bring back his humanity. The Darkling has been lonely for so long, burdened with great power ever since his birth, so I think it makes perfect sense for him to want Alina. He actually opens himself to her, like telling her his real name. He must have seen something in her. And I'm sorry for all Malina shippers out there, but the fact that Mal realized she loved Alina after he lose her keeps bothering me.

Typical date: Wandering around little palace. Hot kisses by the lake. (That rhymes!)

TV Show OTPs 


The story: In the tv show, Damon arrives to looked for Stefan, and of course, also fall in love with Elena. They started as enemies, but they warmed up to each other and being the sexiest pair alive (or dead, because Damon is a vampire and such). I really like the season 2 finale, like damnnnn! I cried for them.

Why: Damon is a complex characters. He's both good and bad. And he's protective with Elena, but not that protective. Sometimes he lets her do reckless thing, and even defend herself. He could accept her dark side. And as much as Elena hates Damon for his morally ambiguos nature, we can see that she's also intrigued with him. I think the moment I realize I ship them is at season 1, during the Miss Mystic Falls pageant where Damon replaces Stefan as Elena's escort. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL.

And also when Elena became a vampire and just got sick and hides in the bathroom, Damon is the one that is ready for her, always there, bringing her clothes and blood.

Typical date: Drinking at the Mystic Grill, getting drunk, sucking people's blood, and have a hot make out session afterwards.


The story: Dean sold his soul to save Sammy at the end of S02, and he's dragged to hell at S03 finale. At the beginning of S04, he was raised by an Angel named Castiel, who claimed God has plan for him. Castiel is a bit flat and completely know nothing about the human world. He's like typical angel, mostly can't feel compassion for human. But his time with the Winchesters make him more human, he questions his orders and even tries to become God. He and the Winchesters got each other's back.

Why: Umm it's super adorable watching Dean and Castiel's interaction, like Dean would make reference and Castiel won't get it, and how Castiel naive-ness could make Dean smile even in his darkest moment. Plus can't you see the tension??

Typical date: Going into a diner, Dean orders pie and Cas is kind of confused what to order, so he keeps staring at Dean dumbfounded, and Dean has to explain each menus to Cas that the waiter got pissed. Or they could just watch tv, since Cas is just discovering the amazing world of Netflix.


The Story: John just came back from war, and he needed a place to stay. He met Sherlock, who needed a roomate, so John moved in with him. Turns out Sherlock is a detective and so began John misadventures with Sherlock.

Why: WATCH THE TV SHOW GUYS. I'm sorry, but it's not something I could explain. Actually I'm torn between Sheriarty and Johnlock. But S02?? Guys??

Typical date: Sherlock running around investigating cases, putting himself in danger, while John running around catching up with Sherlock and being his cranky himself.

Honorable Mention:

Steferine, Stydia, Klaroline, Merthur and  Frary.

That's it guys! Writing this post is so unhealthy for me, I never knew one post could give me so many feels! Imagining those typical dates, looking for pictures... ALL THE FEELS!

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  1. YES YES ALL THESE SHIPS! Percabeth, Malec, Destiel, Darklina, Merthur.... I'm still waiting for Destiel to officially canon, and it's taking way too long! Great post! I loved it!

    Cloe @ Mornings and Epilogues

    1. YES I can't wait when Dean/Castiel actually make a move and admit their feelings and all hell and heaven would rejoice! Thank you!

  2. OMG SO MANY FEELS IN THIS POST HOW CAN I EVEN. And I'm dyyying at that gif set of Malec. ALEC IN THE LAST GIF. <3 What a little dork denying his little feelings. Omg. Ahem. And I definitely ship Percabeth. Like, I don't think there truly is another ship???
    AND OMG YES I WOULD SHiP HERMIONE AND DRACO. Anything but Hermione and Ron *sighs*. <3 Plus that little forbidden romance would've been quite fun. ;D

    1. AND MAGNUS'S SMIRK OMG. Percabeth is like the mother of all ship in PJO/HoO fandom XD

  3. YES TO ALL OF THESE. Especially Percy & Annabeth - they're pretty much my top OTP of all time. All the feels from them. ♥ The Darkling & Alina and Hermione & Draco would have been such fantastic couples too. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage

    1. Thank you so much Zoe! Percabeth is like the ultimate ship in the fandom. I wish Dramione and Darklina are canon :(

  4. I LOVE this post *twirls around*

    I actually DO have an OTP, because as much as I heartily ship other ships, this ship always wins out in terms of how it breaks my heart and feels and everything else: Merthur <3 And I'm glad you mentioned it! BUT IT DESERVES A FULL POST, OBVIOUSLY ;D

    There are other ships I really adore, like Adam and Ronan from The Ronan Cycle, Oz and Gilbert from Pandora Hearts, Damen and Laurent from Captive Prince ... and some you mentioned here, as well! I love twinning when it comes to shipping :D

    I really wanted the Darkling and Alina to end up together. They were such a better ship than Mal and Alina. Especially since Mal is an idiot. *shakes fist*

    1. Merthur definitely deserves its own post, but I'm not ready to remember all the happy times and have my heart ripped out all over again :( I haven't read TRC but I plan to read it REALLY SOON like maybe next month! And yes, Mal can just find another girl and be bff with Alina, and Darklina could have cute powerful complex babies together<3

  5. Oh my God, Delena. In the first few seasons when they weren't together yet and were fighting their feelings I was DYING. I used to be obsessed and like analyzed every second they had together with my friends to look for deeper meanings xD I even made a Tumblr fan blog dedicated to them xD So yeah, I feel this post haha

    1. Me too! It's like everytime they met or just talk or do anything together is like a blessing! XD

  6. I love all these ships! I've done a great job capturing just what it means to ship all these people and have so many feels for them! I'm willing to give up a lot to see a few of these ships set sail haha

  7. Yes!! I love all of these ships! But Percabeth and Stydia!!! OMG!! They are both tooo cute! Great post!
    Alicia http://hashtaglovebooks.com/

    I totally feel with Delena omg <3 I don't watch the show anymore, but that Miss Mystic Falls Pageant dance... <3 <3 <3 SO MANY FEELS IN THAT ONE EPISODE <3
    AND JILY <3 AHHH you should write a fanfic with all those date ideas bc they're so adorable!

    1. YES! It's like ITS HAPPENING GUYS DELENA IS HAPPENING. I really can't write XD Like I could find the main idea but I couldn't turn it into a story, it would be a huge mess :D

  9. I love this post haha, especially all of the pretty gifs and edits.
    I need a Harry Potter prequel so badly, I want to know what happened to James, Lily and the rest of the Marauders, I almost wish THAT was the Cursed Child instead of a sequel.

    Aentee at Read at Midnight

    1. Me too! I bet if JKR write books about the Marauders it would be really fun and epic!

  10. Hi. Nice to find your blog! And wht a perfect post to read near Valentines day. It is all 'love-is-in-the-air' perfect

  11. Okay for the book couples:

    I'm going down the list and saying "awww" until the middle. I'm the lame-o who always goes for the book canon, so Hermoine and Draco was like whoa! (But then again, I'd rather have Draco for myself hahhh) *ALARMS @ DARKLINA* I honestly didn't like Mal either because of the reason you said, but Darkling gave me chill vibes okay? I think it's because he was so. OLD. And he was trying to seduce Alina like ? _ ? LOL But I know it's so popular with everyone else.

    Percabeth is my love and life tho.

    - Aila @ One Way Or An Author

    1. Me too, but since he's unavailable for the real life I guess I have to let him go.. Idk, I love the way the Darkling passionately goes after Alina, like after all this years being alone he finally sees someone who could understand him and he just doesn't want to let her go (even though it's kind of psychotic).

  12. How did you manage to compile a list of OTPs into a list? I am overrun by feels whenever i attempt haha

    Percabeth is one of my all time favourite ships. I love them.

    1. It took me 2 weeks to complete this post XD I just have too many feels :D

  13. UMMMM, EXCUSE ME WHILE I DIIIE! *___* So many feels and ships that I love as well! Okay, so first of all there's Dramione - HECK YES. I'm currently reading a fanfic of these two and it's TORTURE to wait for the next chapters, ugh. I ship them so much.

    I could see Darklina, especially since I LOVED The Darkling but I also would've shipped her with Sturmhound ... like, UGHHHH. <3

    Don't even get me started on Delena and Destiel ... they're both LIFE. Ohhhh and Klaroline!! YES, YES, YES! Apparently I'm really into the love/hate ships, haha. ♥

    Yvonne @ A World Between Folded Pages

    1. I LOVE FANFICTION THAT TORTURE ME no I'm not a masochist but I love that they could give me FEELS<3 Me too, enemies turn lovers are the best!


    1. I don't ship book dramione actually, but in the movies they are just too ship-able(?)that kind of forbidde love;;_;;
      I really like your blog btw!

    2. Me too! I think the chemistry between Emma and Tom is just too strong! Thank you<33


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