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Hi guys! So Cloe @ Mornings and Epilogues nominate me for Infinity Dreams Award, like from ages ago, so today's post is going to be about that. Thank you so much Cloe!<33 Now let's get started!

1. Give 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions set by the one who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers to get this award.
4. Ask the bloggers you've nominated to answer your own 11 questions.
5. Bonus points: Answers your questions in a vlog!

  1. I used to dog-eared my books.
  2. I can't cook. Well I can cook basics like noodles, eggs, rice, bacons, etc. But complicated meals? No.
  3. I'm 18, which means legally, I could get my driving license. But I still can't drive because honestly, I'm scared. Reading those stories about crash and accidents really terrify me.
  4. I really like history. My favorite time period gotta be the Ancient Greek and Rome. They really facinates me.
  5. My dream job is actually to work for the Vatican or government, translating and preserving ancient documents. 
  6. I don't like chocolate. Or sweets in general.
  7. I never went to any concert.
  8. I can't dance. I mean, I could do it if it's a performance. But dancing at parties? No. For some reason I just can't get myself to loosen up and follow the rythm.
  9. I really want to travel the world.
  10. I speak Indonesian (I'm Indonesian in case any of you doesn't know, so of course I'm really fluent in it) and English fluently, a bit of Spainsh, and currently learning Spanish, Latin and German.
  11. I took ballet and piano lessons as kid, but stop because of school. Now I really wished I never stop.

Questions from Cloe

1. Favourite TV show?
Okay so I have a lot, but I think I'll always love Sherlock. It's just so brilliant and funny and I just love love it! (More Sheriarty and Johnlock pls!)

2. If you could go to Camp Half Blood/Camp Jupiter or Hogwarts, which one would you choose?
NOPE NOPE NOPE. More like go to school at Hogwarts, spend summer at CHB.

3. Which book character would you want to be BFFs with?
Can I have Isabelle Lightwood as my BFF? And also Puck? They're both freaking awesome, my love for them is too much. Both of them are really badass, loyal, and funny.

4. What mythical creature would you like to be?
Phoenix!I just love those firebirds ever since I saw Fawkes in HP. Healing power, coming and going with flames? GIMME.

5. If you had to live off one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Potato! Mashed, baked, grilled, fried, you name it. I could survive based on potato HA.

6. Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, or What Would You Rather? (and by this I mean the games, not the Sara Shepherd books!)
Truth or Dare! They're just so much fun because either you tell them your deepest, darkest and most embarassing things or you make a fool of yourself!

7. Your favourite place to be?
My bed. It's just sooo comfy. It's definitely my hardest goodbye, especially on mornings.

8. One book you will never read again
Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven. Usually when I dnf a book I will give it a second chance, but I don't think so with this one. You could read my review here.

9. Your favourite Greek myth?
The Trojan War. Also Hades and Persephone. There's definitely something about the Trojan War that facinates me. Either is Helen of Troy that launches thousands of ship, the fall of Achilles, or the way the Greek beats the Trojan. And Hapsephone stories are definitely heavily romanticized these days, but I believe Hades just lonely and the Olympians should've treat him better. And I think the idea of Persephone actually fell for Hades is really beautiful.

10. What one magical power would you like?
Electricity or controlling magnet (yes I watch X-Men). I mean, come on. In the world literally made of magnet and electricity, I'd be the most powerful person. *evil laugh*

11. One language you would really like to learn.
Latin. As I said, I want to translate ancient documents, and Latin is basically used really widely in the past because how great the Roman empire was. Latin is also the roots for English, Spanish, French, and many other languages.

1. Would you rather meet your favorite celebrity or favorite fictional character?
2. What is the fictional item that you wanted the most? (for example, mine is Thalia's Aegis)
3. If you could change a book ending, which book would you change and why?
4. Where do you want to live when you grow up?
5. Would you rather: watch your otp kill each other or watch one of them kill the other person? *evil laugh*
6. What animal that scares you the most?
7. What is your favorite color combination?
8. What is your favorite time of the year? (It can be your birthday, payday, superbowl week, etc)
9. Sing or dance?
10. Do you like extreme sports? (like skydiving or bungee jumping)
11. Are you a dog or cat person?

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  1. Thanks for the tag, Love! Can I jut pause for a moment, and take a second to APPRECIATE YOUR BEAUTIFUL BLOG. It's so modern and clean and that Header? *swoon* You have such an open and friendly voice I just loved reading your post! *Clicks Follow Button* (I actually couldn't find the e-mail subscription box so I just followed through Bloglovin)

    Anyway, Thank you so much for the tag! Can't wait to do it :) -and if you don't mind me asking, how did you come across my blog? :D

    1. AW THANK YOU *hugs* I don't think I ever add the email subcription box? I still don't know how it works honestly that's why I leave it xD One of the blogger (Denise @ the Bibliolater) compiled list of 100 bloggers she loves and I check them one by one (I'm only halfway through now xD) and come across your blog :D Your blog is also so lovely! I really love your theme and graphic<33

    2. It's pretty simple, an email subcription box is so new people can put in there email if they really like your blog and get an email every time you post. Really simple and it's one of the best ways to get *loyal followers. If you go to my blog, you'll see that at the bottom of the page there's a purple bar where you can put your email in and you'll get a notification every time i post :)

      Denise is amazing! She's so sweet and a great bloggy friend :D AWW THANK YOUU. I'm in love with my theme too :P I'm glad you like it!

    3. Aww you guys, stop it! *blushes* ♥♥

    4. Izel: Thank you for the explanation, I would learn more about it! :D
      Denise: It's true, you're a really sweet person!♥

  2. Ah I really like the Hades and Persephone myth as well! They seem such like an unlikely couple, so it's cute to see them together. Latin is another language I'd like to learn, but it seems so complicated! I try... :)

    1. YES. I know it's heavily romanticized these days, but it makes me love them even more! and I agree, Latin is really complicated :(

  3. Thank you for tagging me! I would love to learn Latin too - it wold be so cool, because it's such a historic language and important to today. It would also be really interesting to see just how many words have originated from Latin. My bed is my favourite place too! I'm sat on my bed right now, and it's the comfiest place in the world :)

    Denise | The Bibliolater

    1. yes! and it would be really helpful while reading the raven cycle series! xD i really can't say goodbye to my bed xD

  4. AHHH BED IS GLORIOUS. <3 I read and write on my bed (shhh I know I should use a desk but...this is comfier) so it's basically my favourite place in the house. heh. And I am in awe of your language skills. I only speak English and I mostly suck at it anyway. XD Also potatoes are divine. Gift of the heavens to we mortals basically.
    I would totally control metal too if I had to pick a superpower. THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS WITH IT. EEEEP.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. i also have a desk but i prefer my bed xD even though my writing got worse on my bed but whatever. I WON'T GIVE IT UP. oh yes potatoes. where would we be without them??? WE COULD LITERALLY RULE THE WORLD BY CONTROLLING METAL.


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