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I always love learning languages. I took English course for most of my childhood, and Chinese when I was around 13 until I was 15 years old. It's amazing how each country have their own language, and how we could interact with each other despites our difference in language. It's also why I love to read books so much. It's amazing how certain words or sentences could reflect deeply to us, even though it's written in a different language.  And how did humans first find language anyway? How do they decide what to write and say and stuff? It never ceases to amaze me and up until now I still don't know the answers.

With the amount of technology we have right now, of course we'll have apps to learn language, to make learning more easier and fun. And today I'm going to share with you my favorite apps for language learning!

This is my first language learning app, and it helps a lot. You could learn lots of language with this app, such as Spanish, German, French, Russian, and more. It uses it own learning package, so you don't have to worry about those different and incomplete package. I use it to learn Spanish and German. It has chapters/sections to make it easier to learn language. When you first learn the words, it would be in multiple choices. But as you progressed, it would be in sentences and even listening sections, with native speakers. It also don't use timers for learning sessions, unless you're taking the test session. Duolingo availabe on both Android and web, so I usually use the web version to give my phone more space.

This one is slightly different than Duolingo. It has chapters too, but it was uploaded by users, so be careful when you're picking what you want to learn. And since it's uploaded by users, this app has even more learning options than Duolingo. It uses timer so it will test your speed and memory. But it doesn't has listening section, so you won't get used to listening to native speakers. It also available on both Android and web, and I also use the web version. I use Memrise to learn Latin.

This one is the newest one, and the most creative. It's perfect if you spend a lot of time on your phone. Semper uses your time while waiting for an app to start, or while unlocking your phone, to  generates small puzzles. So each time you unlock your phone, you'd get quizzes as your lockscreen. And as it's also uses user-generated-packs, it has a lot of language options. The downside is, it also don't have listening section, and the writing section is a bit weird for me. I use it to learn Latin and Spanish. This is the only language-learning app I have on my phone.

I also just found out that you can use Semper to learn basically anything, even trivial things like Harry Potter Spells, which is awesome.

My personal favorite is Duolingo, since it feels like learning from a course. It has quizzes, writing a sentences, listening section, and more. But the most practical one to learn language is Semper, since it uses your time productively, and you're learning in small pieces. I hope this post helps if you want to learn a new language!

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  1. I've always loved learning new languages as well! You feel so proud when you understand another language, right? Oh, I'll be sure to check all these apps out! Thanks for all the recommendations Tasya! :)

    Cloe @ Mornings and Epilogues

    1. Yes! Especially if we heard music or watching movies in other language. There's this sense of accomplishment and proud that we could understand the meaning! I hope it helps! :D

  2. Tasya, thanks so much for sharing! I'm using Duolingo solely right now, to learn Spanish, though I have heard of Memrise. I'd never heard of Semper though - will have to check it out because it sounds awesome! :D

    1. I also use duolingo to learn Spanish! *high five* I hope it helps!

  3. I love this post! I took Spanish for years and years (half of my family is Spanish) but now that I'm out of school and not using it as much, I know I definitely have lost some of it. I will be trying out some of these apps!

    -Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

    1. I've been learning Spanish for a while and it kind of hard XD I hope you'll find one apps that suits you!


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