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Hi guys! I saw this tag long time ago, and wanted to do it but just kind of forget about it (I know I'm terrible) but the lovely Fiona @ A Girl Between The Pages tagged me on this tag recently, and so I write this post right after reading hers so I won't forget it again! Thank you Fiona❤ Some of you might have read the "ABOUT" page, but hopefully this tag would give you more insight about the girl behind this blog (me!!). Let's get started, shall we?

Basics about Tasya

Name: Tasya Putri Dita
Nicknames: Most of my friends call me Sasa, but for some reasons, if I met someone older (teacher or others) for the first time, I always introduce myself as Tasya. Same goes from strangers.
Birthday: 30th of July, 1998
Star Sign: Leo ♌
Occupation: Currently in my 4 months holiday, before Uni starts in August.

How She Looks Like

Hair colour: Black, but some of the strands are sun-burnt so they looked red.
Hair length: Medium length, a bit past my shoulder. The weather tend to be really hot in Indonesia, and I just can't bear to have my hair too long! (or too short because I have chubby cheeks and it makes my face looks really round).
Eye colour: Black. I don't know if it's actually dark brown, because even in the sunlight it mostly looks black...
Best feature: My collarbones. I don't know, I really like collarbones!
Braces: Nope.
Piercings: I don't know if normal earrings count as piercings... I'd love to get one, but I'm afraid it will hurt a lot!
Tattoos: Again, no. If I have though, I'd have the Winchester's Anti-Possession tattoo.
Right or left handed: Right handed.


Best friend: I never sticks with one friend. That sounds horrible I know, but I've never been really that type of person and fits in with certain type of cliques. But I guess my first one is Rio. We used to live near each other (before I moved out) and we've been in the same school from kinderganten through junior high. And after 3 years of never meeting each other, when we did meet, I just still feel so connected with him. I could talk about everything effortlessly, and doesn't really have to think to come up with topics for our convos. It's feels really comfortable and nostalgic I guess.
Award: I really don't remember what is my first award, but I think it's about fashion show when I was 3 yo (I saw the trophy at home) which is weird since I remember bits and pieces about that day and I didn't think I did a great job or whatsoever XD
Sport: Swimming or running. I always loved swimming, but I really hate the feeling after swimming. It feels weird, and that's why I don't swim as much as I used to.
Real holiday: In Indonesia, there's this tradition to go back to your area every Eid Mubarak, so I always do that every year and that barely leave any time for holidays. But I think my first holiday was going to Belitung island in Sumatra, Indonesia. It's also to visit a family, but we went to see lots of famous landmarks there.
Concert: Umm I've never been on a concert before. Once, my friend invited a really well-known singer to her birthday but I don't think that counts as concert isn't it? I guess I just kind of save it for that once singer/band I really love, since my music taste tends to change a lot.


Film: I have a lot, but the last one I watch is Captain America: Civil War. I've been on #teamcap right from the start, and I know after watching that I didn't pick the wrong side! (Unrelated, but I do hope Bucky would appear in Black Pather movie.)
TV Show: Also a lot. I got to say it's Sherlock though! (sorry my baby SPN and Teen Wolf!) It always captures my interest (maybe because it's so short? HAHA) while SPN and TW sometimes feels dragged to me.
Colour: I do like all colors, but different shades of them. Like I love pastel pink and purple, but bright neon for red. But I think if I have to choose one, I'd choose blue.
Song: Again, I have a lot. The last one is Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers.
Restaurant: Any all-you-can-eat restaurants. They're the best!
Shop: Bookstores, any kind of bookstores. I don't really buy clothes, because I mostly blow my money away on books!
Books: The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare and The Wrath and The Dawn duology by Renee Ahdieh.
Shoes: Flatshoes! They's so comfy.


Feeling: Exhausted. Like really exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for 100 years and still feel tired when I wake up!
Single or Taken: Taken *wink wink*
Eating: Um.. none.
Thinking about: Uni. It's really stressing me out!
Watching: Game of Thrones! It's only 10 eps per season but I have slow progress because I have to watch it in secret so my parents won't freak out!
Wearing: My PJs. I always wear them when I'm at home.


Children: Um yes maybe, but only if I'm ready. 
Marriage: I'd like to, after I've travelled around the world. I'd like to travel first before finally settle down and take the responsibility as a mother!
Careers: I really really want to work in the UN. As anything. I'd take anything.
Where you want to live: Vatican I guess. It's just so beautiful and seems peaceful and it just seems perfect.

Do you believe in...?

God: I'm a Roman Catholic, so definitely, without a doubt, yes.
Miracles: Yes.
Love at first sight: Ummm no. More like attraction-on-the-first-sight-that-turns-into-love-after-getting-to-know-each-other.
Ghosts: Yes. I do believe in God, and if there is God, then there is Evil.
Aliens: Yes. In words of Arthur C. Clarke, “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” The universe is so HUGE, and our milky way isn't the only galaxy out there, so the possibilities that we're all alone in such vast space is downright terrifiying.
Soul mates: Yes, but not always in romantic ways. Like have you ever meet someone that just click with you, but just as bestfriends or internet friends? I consider them my soulmates. We are made of the same soul, that's why we could get along really well.
Heaven/hell: Yes.
Kissing on the first date: Um... no. I'd rather wait until 3rd or 4th. I'm just oldschool that way! :)
Yourself: Yes. If you don't believe in your own self, how could anyone starts to believe in you?

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  1. I love TID as well! It's one of my favourite series from the Shadowhunter Chronicles (so far). Sherlock is pretty good as well, but sometimes the long episodes makes me bored... :P Supernatural does seem a bit stretched out, but it's still good :)

    Great answers Tasya! :)

    Cloe @ Mornings and Epilogues

    1. TID is also my favorite series from Shadowhunters! (haven't read Lady Midnight so we'll see) Sherlock doesn't bore me, but Benedict tends to speak really fast and I'm just "HOLD UP WAIT FOR ME SIR" XD

    2. That's true! It's hard to keep up sometimes. Especially when he's going through all the explanations.

      I also tagged you in this post here if you want to check it out :)

    3. Thank you for tagging me Cloe!

  2. Whoa, 4 months holiday? That sounds perfect! Gimme!! :P
    And also, TID is my faveee :D Have you read Lady Midnight yet? That was a really good book - I have a feeling that TDA will rival TID for the title of being my favourite series xD
    And yess it's so good that you believe in yourself - completely true that you have to believe in yourself, if you want anyone to believe in you!

    1. I know right? It definitely feels amazing! I haven't read Lady Midnight but I will sometime soon!

  3. I like your definition of soul mates! That seems really nice and sweet. EEEP. And oh I'd love to see the Vatican someday. IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL IN THE PHOTOS. Also SPN is my ultimately baby darling. <3 But I do like Sherlock. XD Have you seen Elementary?!? It's so so so Sherlockish and good too. :D

    1. Thank you! I mean like it's impossible to love someone you've never met before. How can you love them?? I KNOW RIGHT. It's just really beautiful and perfect AHH. I haven't seen Elementary, but thanks for the recs! I definitely need to check that out!

  4. You have the same nickname as my little sister, Sasa. :D I don't know to swim. I tried but my body just constantly sinks *cues panic*. I'm not really into water type of activities anyway... *sobs*

    Oh that's right! Travel first, tries to enjoy your single life. I just recently realized how awesome it is to travel and see many cities and cultures! <3

    1. I guess Sasa is a pretty common name in Asia :D I started swimming really early and I remember crying A LOT those days XD Yes, traveling is definitely one way to connect more to people and the world!

  5. Oh, I love flat shoes, too! Used to wear heels all the time and I had to stop when I have my children It's impossible to carry your baby in heels. I love it nowadays flat shoes are so cute!

    1. I can't wear heels, I always trip and fall! XD

  6. great post! my favorite color is blue as well, and i also love the infernal devices trilogy! and of course, i love bookstores! XD


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