Bookish Talk: Reading Slump (+how to get through it!)

9:30 AM

Have you ever feel like you want to read a book but nothing feels right? Or you're in the middle of reading something very interesting but suddenly lose interest in them? Or maybe you don't feel like reading anything at all? You can't even get through the first few pages of a book, and reading isn't fun at that moment.

Well, reading slump can hit anyone, even the best readers. It hits me at least once every month. For me, the reasons can be different. Maybe school has taken too much of my time. Or I read such horrible book that it makes me don't want to read for a while. Or I've been reading too many books at once and it makes me "sick" of reading.

Whatever it is, reading slump doesn't mean you have to stop reading. Yes, sometimes when I don't feel like reading, I won't force myself to read. Because when I force myself, it will be unfair for the book because I will end up dislike it. Reading should be fun, you should enjoy it, so if you don't like it, just leave it and move on. Don't ever force yourself to finish a book you didn't enjoyed reading. If you really want to know what happens next, just skim the pages or google the plot.

If you want to read, try to rereading your old favorites or maybe some short stories. Try to go on Wattpad, or archiveofourown. Reading graphic novels also really helpful. The colors and the pictures will help you feel more interested in the story. You can also try to watch some tv shows/movie.

Or maybe, just go on the internet and browse some books. Don't read it, just browse through Goodreads/book blogs. The book's summary and blog reviews should piqued your interest in one/two books, and makes you want to read. You can also read a book blog. Seeing other people raving about a book always makes me want to read.

Book slump is the worst. But it come and go, it happens to everyone, even the most hardcore reader. So don't worry, you'll be just fine. Just enjoy your time off reading, and you'll bounce back soon enough! :)

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