Book Review: #88lovelife by Diana Rikasari

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Title: #88 Love Live: 88 Thoughts on Love and Life
Author: Diana Rikasari
Hardcover edition, 128 pages
Publisher: Gramedia
Published: November 3rd, 2014
2/5 stars


This illustrated book is about the author's daily thoughts on her love and life experience. Uplifting, motivating, this book is essential to your daily #Whatsinsidemybag, so you will always feel inspired. Expect lots of good energy and beautiful illustrations inside this book.


This book has been the IT book for Indonesian teens for a while. It was really popular. Well for starters, it's really small and thin, only 128 pages of quotes. So it was a really short and a quick read for me. And it was easy to read, even for people who doesn't like to read.

The problem is, I find that the quotes aren't to original. You can find most of them on tumblr. They aren't exactly the same in this book, the author gives her own twists on the quotes. But still. I was hoping for something really original.

But the illustrations are really cute. I think that what was draw people to read this book.They are really cute and super colorful.

I recommended it if you're looking for a bright, colorful, beautiful, and positive book to read. And, it's also written by Indonesian blogger, Diana Rikasari. Visit her blog to find out more about her.

So here are some illustrations of the book:

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