Book Review: Wonder by R.J Palacio

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by R.J Palacio
Paperback Edition, Publisher: Atria
Translated by Harisa Permatasari
Published on September 2012

"I hope everyday is Halloween. We can all wear a mask all the times. Then we can take a walk and get to know each other before seeing how we look behind the mask."

August (Auggie) Pullman was born with Mandibulofacial Dysostosis, a condition that makes him look unusual. Although he had to undergo a series of operations, his outward appearance still looks different However, for the handful of people who knew him, he was a funny, smart, and brave kid. Auggie experiences adventures that are more frightening than the operations he underwent when he was a fifth-grade student at Beecher Prep. You certainly know being a new student was not easy. Plus Auggie is a regular kid with a very unusual face.
I've been eyeing this book for quite a while now, but I always get distracted with other books.  In fact, I almost bought Perfect Chemistry because I thought it would suit my taste more, before finally give in and just bought this book.

I regret nothing.

Wonder is the story about Augustus "Auggie" Pullman, whose face has kind of condition. We aren't exactly told how he looks, but according people around him, it's scary when you're not used to it. The story started when Auggie, who was homeschooled this whole time, decided that he wanted to go to public school. His parents are afraid that he would be bullied, but they also understand how Auggie would want to feel normal, by being with kids around his age. And so begin his journey in public school, dealing with bullies, finding best friends, and meeting amazing and supportive teachers.

Wonder has a lot of point of views. We have Auggie, Olivia (Auggie's sister), Justin (Olivia's boyfriend), Miranda (friend of Olivia and Auggie), Jack dan Summer (Auggie's new friend at school. Each of them tell how they feel about Auggie, how they handle the problem with Auggie's looks and people who bullied him.

People are mean. But this book also shows how supportive people can be. The headmaster and teacher are really supportive of Auggie. So is Miranda and Justin. Olivia and her parents are never ashamed of Auggie. I just love how heartwarming they are, how full of acceptance and how they support Auggie to go to public school even though it might hurt him, because all they ever wanted was for him to be happy. Even Jack and Summer, they initially weirded out and asked a lot of questions out of curiousity, but they finally accept Auggie and stick with him through thick and thin.

I sometimes thought Middle Grade characters are boring and immature, but that is not the case with this book. The children are children, but they don't come across as whiny and annoying. This is definitely a gem to read, and I'm really happy I chose this over Perfect Chemistry.

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